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Drupal Developer’s Toolbox

Mon, 12/15/2008 - 19:55 -- Sam
Drupal Developer’s Toolbox

This post covers essential resources related to Drupal — the basics, modules, Drupal design inspiration, Drupal themes, tutorials, starter themes, blog editors and Drupal-projects.

1. The Basics

Just getting started with Drupal? Looking for some general resources to have bookmarked for when you need them? These resources will help you cover the basics of Drupal and provide documentation for much of your future work with the platform.
The Drupal home page and location for downloading the latest version.

Drupal Handbooks
If you’re new to Drupal or just looking to learn something new, this is a
collection of helpful handbooks to keep at your side. A good place to
start if you’re new to Drupal (written for Drupal 5).

Theme Developer’s Cheat Sheet (for Drupal 5)
A helpful PDF that you may want to refer to from time to time.

Drupal API Reference
Get everything you need concerning the API from the official API reference.

Drupal Taxonomy, Drupal Nodes and Other Terms - What Do They Mean?
Confused by some of the terms you’re reading about Drupal development? This post may clear some of that up.

Drupal Code Search
A helpful resource for developers. You’ll be able to search the source code of thousands of Drupal modules and themes.

Drupal Whitepapers, Cheat Sheets and Free Books
This post is a collection of other useful resources that may interest you.
Some of them are written for older versions of Drupal.

WordPress vs. Drupal
When should you use WordPress and when should you use Drupal?

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