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Effort and Patience

Tue, 02/05/2013 - 07:55 -- Sam
Effort and Patience

Effort gets things done. Patience sees them through. Both are crucial to success. Without patience, the passing setbacks and disappointments would soon overwhelm even the hardiest effort. Without effort, patience would accomplish very little.

When you can balance effort and patience, it is a powerful combination. You can make almost anything happen with enough effort, but not right away. The most effective effort is continuing effort, which patience makes possible.

Though they may at first seem to contradict each other, effort and patience actually work great together. The most spectacularly successful people in any field are those who have the patience to continually apply their effort for as long as it takes to succeed.

Know when to push and when to wait. Balance aggressive effort with a The Institute 19 deep, underlying patience and the results you achieve will be truly amazing.


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